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Thinking about how we think about COVID.

How do we look beyond the immediate problems in front of us as the COVID response develops? How can we develop a genuine shared national (and international) campaign to prevent, deal with and mitigate the effects of COVID, and move away from what feels like a series of local responses to events?

This article is a sort of sister article to one I wrote in February on the COVID ‘deep battle’ — I’ve been reflecting in that earlier post and trying to work out how I could share some similar ideas, but framed in a different way.

So I’ve recast this to…

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How can we campaign, and not just respond?

The military has frameworks to help thinking about strategy, operations and execution. Lots of frameworks. Having been schooled in these frameworks in my first career in the UK military, I find myself applying these frameworks all the time, whether consciously or not. Sometimes that are helpful, and sometimes they aren’t…

I work across, and try to bring together, the net zero, natural environment, health and wellbeing and economic agendas.

I aim to help people become leaders in places, not simply leaders in organisations, and to bring together work across the sectors that shape people’s lives. I focus on:

  • Helping people to build collaborative relationships.
  • Sharing the personal and organisational tools that make collaboration work in practice.
  • Developing place based strategies to address social and economic challenges and opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating and would like to know more about me and my background, my CV is below.

David Relph

I work to make places better for the people who live in them. Collaboration and leadership is how this happens. I write about these things.

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