• Trilly Chatterjee

    Trilly Chatterjee

    Senior Product Manager & Practice Lead (Product) @NHSDigital. Previously @HMRCgovUK. Helps teams invent better things (including better teams).

  • Enzo M. Battista-Dowds PhD. RD.

    Enzo M. Battista-Dowds PhD. RD.

    UK Registered Dietitian | Behavioural & Implementation Science PhD | Interests: Food & nutrition; behavioural science & psychology; tech & gamification; LIFE :)

  • Algar Braid

    Algar Braid

  • B Adams

    B Adams

  • Noreen Blanluet

    Noreen Blanluet

    Co-production and citizen involvement in public services. Iโ€™m interested in complexity, empathy, relationship-centred practices, and related things. Wales, UK.

  • nigel greenhill

    nigel greenhill

  • Marina


  • Nour Sidawi

    Nour Sidawi

    Mastering the art of disruption in procurement, leadership, and change @MoJGoVUK. Reimagining the future of multifarious possibilities with @OneTeamGov ๐ŸŒ

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